Iran Saffron Exporter

Saffron and Iran are uniquely linked together. Iran harvests about 80% of the world’s production of saffron. Despite its small size, this spice is quite expensive, and is suitable for many applications. Persian saffron is a natural spice also called Red Gold. It is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength.

The scientific name for saffron is crocus sativus. It is both a bulbous and herbal plant. The lifespan of the saffron plant is 7 to 10 years. The brown bulb of the saffron plant belongs to the corm family. Each bulb grows into 6 to 9 thin, herbal leaves. In the autumn, one or two pink or purple colored flowers bloom from each corm. The pistil of the saffron flower is in the center and contains the ovary and the thin, yellow style growing inside. Saffron flowers have bright, red stigmas that are 20 to 30 mm in length. The stigma is the edible and commercial part of saffron. The stigma has many chemical components, such as: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, pigment (especially crocin), essence (especially safranal) and flavorings (especially picrocin).

Saffron Standard

The factors which are very important in saffron are crocin (color), picrocrocin (flavor) and safranal (aroma). Higher amount of these compounds in saffron provide higher quality of saffron. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has set a classification of saffron based on minimum requirements of each quality. According to ISO picrocrocin, safranal and crocin are expressed as direct reading od the absorbance of 1% aqueous solution of dried safron at 257, 330 and 440 nm respectively. There was some doubt about the accuracy of the safranal result using ISO method. Therefore it was decided to evaluate the amount of safranal and crocin in saffron according to ISO method and compare the results with the amounts of these compounds when using high performance liquid chromatographt (HPLC).

Usage Of Saffron

  • Food industry, Food and Beverages
  • Medicinal & Pharmaceutical
  • Cooking
  • Cosmetic
  • Perfumes
  • Flavorings
  • Best Precious Gift
  • Dyes